Conditions of Use

Conditions of Use

1.0 General Provisions


Access to the online boutique is permitted exclusively to the Customers. For the purpose of the present Terms and Conditions, by Customer, we refer exclusively to the consumer, in any case to a person that purchases the products for non professional or business purposes.

2.0 Product Availability


All the Products are subject to the availability at the time of the order.

London Ltd Club reserves the right to vary at any time the quantity and/or the type of products that may be purchased on the Site. The Customer will be informed if the Product requested is not available.

3.0 Pricing


All prices on the Site are stated in Euro and GBP for the UK they include any Vat and applicable taxes. The prices are not comprehensive of the shipping and delivery charges.


London Ltd Club tries to ensure that all pricing information on the Site is accurate, but cannot guarantee the absolute absence of error. In the event that an error in the price of a Product shall occur, London Ltd Club will allow the Customer the option to confirm the purchase of the Product at the correct price or to cancel the order. If London Ltd Club is unable to contact the customer the order will be treated as cancelled.


The ownership of the Product purchased on the Site will be transferred to Customer at the moment of the delivery on condition that London Ltd Club has received the payment for the entire value of the goods. In any event the risks of damages and/or loss of the Product are transferred to the Customer at the time of the delivery.

4.0 Ordering a Product


The details and the price of the Product are detailed in the single page of each Product listed on the Site.


To purchase the chosen Product the Customer shall complete, following the instruction indicated on the Site, and send to London Ltd Club, the online purchase form. The Customer shall add the Product to the "shopping bag" and after having reviewed and accepted the shipping expenses, the Terms and Conditions and the general cancellation policy. The Customer shall then choose the manner in which he/she wishes to pay and the shall proceed to the option "purchase/buy".


Shall the Customer need to amend or modify the data inserted in the order placed, Customer shall follow the proper procedure for the amending of the order as indicated in the Site before submitting the order. Moreover the Customer may amend or modify the number of Products he/she wishes to purchase, adding or deleting one or more Products from the shopping bag.

5.0 Purchase Agreement


The purchase agreement entered by and between London Ltd Club and the Customer shall be considered completed and duly entered by the Parties at the time in which the order is duly submitted by the Customer - in accordance with the purchase procedure indicated on the Site and after that London Ltd Club has received the authorization from the credit card issuer that the payment is accepted.

The order submitted by the Customer shall be binding for London Ltd Club only if the entire purchase procedure has been duly and correctly completed without error and without any detection of error by the site. London Ltd Club is not responsible for any eventual errors caused by the technical malfunctioning of the Customerís internet connection service.


By submitting the order to London Ltd Club the Customer acknowledges and states that he/she has reviewed and accepted all the indications provided in the purchasing procedure and he/she entirely accepts the present Terms and Conditions.


The online order form will be stored in the Sites database for the time necessary for the fulfillment of the order.


London Ltd Club will send to the Customer an e-mail confirming the receipt of the order placed by the Customer; a summary of the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and any special provisions that may apply to the agreement; the information relating to London Ltd Club: a summary of the Product(s) ordered; the details of the products purchased; the time and date of the purchase; the details of London Ltd Club to which the Customer may send any eventual complaints; the commercial warranties; the terms for the withdrawal from the present purchase agreement ; the formalities and the timing for the return of the Products, the payment modality chosen by the Customer, the prices of the Product(s), the shipping expenses.

The Customer shall immediately verify the content of the e-mail and shall notify Immediately London Ltd Club of any error or other mistake.

6.0 Shipping and Delivery


For security reasons the Products purchased on the Site will be sent to the registered address on the credit card.

At the time of delivery an adult of over 18 years of age shall be present to sign the delivery documents.


For each order completed on Site, London Ltd Club, will issue an invoice for the shipped Products, sending it via e-mail or registered mail to the Customer, in accordance with the provision of the D.P.R. 445/2000 and D.L. 52/2004. For the issuance of the invoice London Ltd Club will refer to the data provided by the Customer. Once the invoice has been issued no modification of the same will be possible.


The shipping and delivery expenses are to be borne by the Customer and are clearly indicated in the online form. The shipping and delivery expenses may vary depending on location and on the type of shipment requested (i.e. express overnight etc.)


All the Products will be shipped via UPS or other courier (hereinafter Courier) which will be dispatched the next working day following the confirmed availability and charge of the order. The order will be dispatched between Monday to Friday, excluding local and national holidays and festivities. London Ltd Club is not responsible for unpredictable delays.


For the delivery of the Products the Customer or a person authorized by the latter shall be present at the address indicated in the order. At the time of the delivery by the Courier, the Customer shall verify:

(i) that the number of the boxes are same as reported on the transportation documents (DDT);

(ii) that the packaging is not damaged, or wet or in another way tampered with. Any damage in the packaging and/or in the Product(s) or any discrepancy between the number of the boxes actually delivered and the number of the boxes indicated on the transportation document, shall be immediately notified by indicating it in writing on the Courierís delivery documents. Once the Customer has signed the Courierís transportation document, the Customer may not oppose objection on the external characteristic of the delivered goods.


In the event that, due to sudden and temporary unavailability of the Products, London Ltd Club shall be unable to deliver the goods, London Ltd Club shall promptly inform the Customer, and in any way within thirty (30) days via e-mail.

The amount paid by the Customer shall be refunded as quickly as possible and in any case within thirty (30) days from the receipt of the order submitted by Customer.

7.0 Returns and cancellations


London Ltd Club wishes to guarantee the complete satisfaction of the Customer.

London Ltd Club will refund the entire cost of the Product(s) that are returned by the Customer not worn, not used and not damaged and accompanied by relevant the invoice.

Certain items are shipped with a return/exchange tag attached. Returns and exchanges on these specific items will only be honored if the label remains intact and the return instructions above are followed.

The refunds will be issued in the same form as was utilized for payment.

The purchased goods may be returned within maximum 15 (fifteen) days from the delivery date.

The Products purchased online cannot be refunded nor returned in the outlet stores.

The delivery cost are not refundable.


All the delivery expenses for the return of the Products shall be borne by the Customer: each and any cost borne by the Customer for the return is not refundable.


London Ltd Club reserves the right to refuse the return of those Products that do conform to the provision of the above paragraph 7.1


Each delivery contains easy to follow instructions for the return of the Products. London Ltd Club will make every effort to promptly refund the Customer within and no longer than (30) thirty days from the written order cancellation request and receipt of the returned goods as per paragraph 9.1

Once the refund has been completed London Ltd Club will send a confirmation e-mail.


London Ltd Club recommends to use a courier for the return of the Product(s) in order to allow the tracking of the shipment.

London Ltd Club will not be held responsible for the refund or the compensation of those Products that have been lost, stolen or damaged.


Pursuant to the provisions of article 64 of the D. lgs n. 206/2005, the Customer has the right to withdraw from the agreement without any penalty and without specifying the reason within the term of 15 (fifteen) working days from the receipt of the Products, save the provisions of following paragraph 7.7


In accordance with Regulation 13 of the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, ,the right of withdrawal, to cancel or return, which would otherwise be available, does not apply to orders for customised products such as, for example, those with the customerís initials engraved on the product. The customer is aware that the image shown on the website does not necessarily correspond to reality: images and photographs of the engraving may not reflect the actual appearance of the final product.

8.0 Errors and mistakes


London Ltd Club uses itís best endeavors in order to keep the information on the Site constantly updated.

Moreover it is not possible to guarantee the complete absence of errors on the Site. The Site might carry typoís, errors, inaccuracies some of which may refer to the price of the Product, to the product availability and/or to the details of the Products.

London Ltd Club reserves the right to amend the errors and inaccuracies also after that the order has been submitted and furthermore reserves the right amend or modify the information on the Site at any time without prior communication.

9.0 Guarantee of Authenticity


London Ltd Club guarantee the authenticity of all the Products purchased on the Site. The Products marked London Ltd Club are crafted with the best materials and are made by the best craftsmen.


The original London Ltd Club Products are sold on the internet exclusively through the site All the intellectual property rights such as, trademarks, service trademarks, marks and copyrights are exclusive property of London Ltd Club. No page or other content of the Site may be reproduced without the prior written approval of London Ltd Club.

10.0 Applicable law and jurisdiction


The terms and condition for the access to the Site are regulated by the British law and shall be interpreted in pursuance to the British laws.


The Customer accept the non exclusive jurisdiction of the Italian courts. For any controversy arising from or in connection to the navigation or the use of the Site the competent court shall be the court of Florence.